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When your equipment isn’t performing to the best of its ability, we can help you determine whether to upgrade, or replace the machinery all together.

When a Grand Rapids, MI manufacturing company was experiencing unreliable process control and repeatability variation issues with their 2650 Ton Husky D-Line injection molding machine, they called on 2R Automation to step in and help improve the equipment’s overall performance.


“The customer’s machine had numerous obsolete control and hydraulic components which are expensive to replace, if you can find spare parts, and the risk of extended machine downtime when a failure occurs is a huge concern.”

– Rodney Rotman Owner and Founder 2R Automation

We completed a full evaluation to help the customer determine if they should invest in the injection molding machine by upgrading the control and hydraulic systems or if our data would support replacing it. Based on our findings, the customer felt the best option was to move forward with an upgrade, as opposed to a full replacement of their injection molding machine. The decision to upgrade their controls and hydraulics was based on the following:

  • Total project cost of upgrading hydraulic controls
  • Expected  machine performance after the upgrade
  • Injection molding machine downtime required to complete the upgrade
  • Easy access of current controls and hydraulic components
  • Improved operator safety system improvements


Over the course of four weeks, we worked on-site to complete the control and hydraulic projects. We were responsible for machine tear down, installation, programming, and machine start-up. Highlights include:

  • Complete electrical and hydraulic system design with updated print sets for both systems
  • Replace Husky Siemens controls platform and install Allen-Bradley 1769 CompactLogix PLC and Allen- Bradley 1734 I/O to sequence the machine
  • Install Bosch Rexroth Closed Loop Controller for closed loop clamp and injection control
  • Install Allen-Bradley 15” Panel View Plus operator interface
  • Install Balluff position and Dynisco pressure transducers
  • Install dual channel switches and safety relays
  • Complete robot and auxiliary equipment interface with new control system
  • Replace all Husky manifolds and valves with new universal injection, clamp, CEN, accumulator manifolds and Bosch Rexroth valves. The hydraulic system was designed and built by 2R Automation and Bosch Rexroth.
  • Machine programming and machine start-up


“After the upgrade with 2R, our 1990 machine’s process control is as good as our brand new 3000 ton machine.”
– Manufacturing Customer Grand Rapids, MI

As we predicted, our solution achieved the following results:

  • The upgrade cost was approximately 10% of the cost to replace the machine
  • Obsolete components were replaced, drastically reducing the machine’s risk for downtime
  • The results were so beneficial that the customer awarded 2R Automation three additional upgrade projects

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