Plastic injection molding and structural foam machines have amazing capabilities but yours may not have all the functionality required for a specific mold, product, or work cell. That’s why auxiliary equipment may be just what you need to complete the process. At 2R Automation, we can help you select and provide the right auxiliary equipment for your exact application. We can also integrate the auxiliary equipment controls into your main machine control system, making the entire system easier to use.

Here are just a few ways we can assist you:

The majority of our customers use robots to extract the part from the mold. The Euromap 67 is a predefined electrical interface protocol specifically designed for injection molding machines and secondary handling devices (robots). This interface allows for interchangeability of handling devices plus it sets consistent schematics for safety circuits.

Complex parts with strict surface quality drove the plastics industry to create the sequential valve gate system in the molding process. It’s all about control when filling the mold cavity, to produce the most optimal part possible. 2R Automation can build stand-alone SVG unit controllers, or we can integrate the SVG controls into your main machine controls. Hydraulic or pneumatic, the choice is yours.

Plastic injection molders understand the simple concept that time is money. Reducing cycle time and part weight by injecting nitrogen gas into the melt stream is a proven strategy for saving money and being more competitive. 2R Automation is an expert in gas assist injection molding controls in mobile units or units directly integrated in your machine controls.