When to upgrade your plastic injection molding machine

By the time you begin to notice the increase in downtime and scrap parts, you’ve most likely already compromised man hours and expenses. No matter how diligent you are, your plastic injection molding machinery will begin to age over time and eventually reach the point where components begin to fail or become obsolete – requiring some kind of injection molding repair services. Along with that you’ll notice maintenance and performance costs begin to rise. In order to keep profit margins at an acceptable level it’s crucial that the machine is consistently running to the best of its ability – that means keeping downtime, maintenance, and scrap costs to plan. How long can your business realistically perform under less than stellar conditions while still maintaining a solid bottom line?

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Replacing vs Upgrading Hydraulic Controls :: Case Study

When your equipment isn’t performing to the best of its ability, we can help you determine whether to upgrade, or replace the machinery all together.

When a Grand Rapids, MI manufacturing company was experiencing unreliable process control and repeatability variation issues with their 2650 Ton Husky D-Line injection molding machine, they called on 2R Automation to step in and help improve the equipment’s overall performance.

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