When your hydraulic pumps and valves fail, you run the risk of extended downtime and lost revenue. When faced with the option to repair, replace, or rebuild the equipment, how do you know which to choose? Rebuilding hydraulic pumps and components can be quicker, less costly, and just as accurate as replacing with new components.

At 2R Automation we can supply you with new hydraulic pumps, valves, and other system components. However, if lead-times or the cost of buying new components doesn’t match your production schedule or budget, we can rebuild or repair fluid power components such as hydraulic pumps, motors, check valves, directional valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves, proportional valves, seal kits, valve electronics, filtration systems, and accessories.

Hydraulic Valves and Hydraulic Pumps

Benefits of replacing or repairing your hydraulic valves and pumps

There are many things to take into consideration when your hydraulic components begin to fail, but in order to avoid downtime, decisions need to be made quickly. Customers often ask us when it’s best to repair older hydraulic valves and pumps or invest in purchasing new ones. We recommend they consider the following:

A hydraulic component rebuild can cost up to 50% less than purchasing a new component, and most rebuilt components have a 1 year warranty.

When faced with the decision to rebuild or replace your hydraulic valves and pumps, you often need to act quickly to reduce downtime. In this case, rebuilding the part is often the preferred method because waiting for new parts to be manufactured and delivered can take a significant amount of time, which creates lost revenue and production downtime.

The rebuild process includes a thorough evaluation of your component so you only replace what needs to be changed. After your hydraulic pump or valve is rebuilt using new components, it’s tested against the original factory specification to ensure you will be completely satisfied with the rebuild.

2R Automation can rebuild or repair many of your hydraulic components, including pumps and valves. If you have questions on whether rebuilding or replacing is the best option for your organization, contact us. We’d be happy to talk about your current hydraulic equipment and your goals for the future. At 2R, our focus is to breathe new life into hydraulic components and machinery.